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Basketball Referees Hurt The Game?

Today our travel team played in Rosman N.C. and there were two refs that I feel “really set basketball officiating back 100 years” The star player on the host team had for fouls and played very aggressive all day. After loosing the ball on a turnover, she threw a punch at the young lady and the refs did or called nothing? The same player pushed our guards in the back, pulled jerseys and called one our girls a black “ B”. again refs did not warn her or the team or even talk to the players to calm everyone down. So the game didn’t get outta hand! I will be the first to admit referees have a very hard job. I just wish they could be more consistent so our kids can know what a foul is and what is good physical play?

Yes we did win the tournament. I am not a coach who wants a ref to dictate games based on how the game is being called. Just wish for them to be consistent. Then kids can have a better grasp of how to play games in the future?

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